We are looking for 10 people from each district to donate $10 during the month of October, to defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)! This will fund our efforts to meet with EVERY congressional office in Washington D.C. and deliver the message that we are ALL standing against TPP and for a stronger America.


The TPP is a another detrimental "free trade" agreement that will decimate what's left of our manufacturing industry, hurt small business, farmers and ranchers and ship more jobs offshore. Trading partners in the TPP include the US and 11 other countries: Chile, Peru, Australia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and Canada. 

We need to educate our Representatives and Senators about the dangers of the TPP. We need to show them the facts about how just another "free" trade agreement is going to finish destroying our manufacturing industry, our jobs, our wages, our bottom line, and our economy! At the CPA, our goal is to meet with all 435 Representatives and all 100 Senators before the end of the year.

Help us reach this goal!