Protect American Food Labeling from Global Courts

COOL_meat.jpgTell your Senators and Representative that you want them to defend Country of Origin Labeling!

If you go into a Canadian supermarket, their meat is labeled "Product of Canada". But, hypocritically, the Canadian and Mexican government are using World Trade Organization courts in an attempt to get rid of US country of origin labeling (COOL).

Global meatpackers, owned by Brazilian and Chinese firms, are also challenging our COOL law in the US court system.  So far they have failed.

Ninety three percent of consumers want to know where their food is from.  American producers are proud to put "Made in America" on their product.

Last week, a World Trade Organization tribunal in Geneva said our domestic COOL law does not comply with international rules. Foreign governments and meatpackers have convinced some congressmen to try to eliminate our COOL law in the Lame Duck session.lame-duck-icon.jpg

You can help in this battle!  Email your Representative and Senators today.  Tell them to resist any attempt to weaken or gut our American country of origin labeling laws.

Defend and uphold COOL against attack in the Lame Duck session.  

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