Our Trade Deficit Skyrocketed under the So. Korea FTA, don't make the same mistake twice!

Remember the South Korea free trade agreement that was rammed through Congress with Fast Track trade authority in 2011?  Three years later, our trade deficit with South Korea has grown nearly sixty percent? 

Proponents promised jobs, growth and prosperity from that agreement.  What we got was job loss, economic shrinkage and hardship for American families. And they want to do it again?  With the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The latest rumor is that Fast Track could be re-introduced the week of April 13th.

If your Representative and Senators hear from you, then we can defeat Fast Track Trade Authority for this year! 


If they don't have the votes, they can't pass it.  Period.

We stalled them in 2014, and again early this year.  If we do it again this year, then we won't have to worry about Fast Track for a long time.

Send your Representative and Senators a message: "No Fast Track Trade Authority!" 

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