Oppose the China Purchase of Micron Technology

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china_internet_security.jpgTsinghua Unigroup, a state-owned company that is China’s top chip maker (chips are where data resides in computational tasks) is preparing a $23 billion bid for Micron Technology, a U.S. company that makes memory chips.

Tsinghua is a fully China owned limited liability corporation and an arm of the Chinese Communist Party (the Chief Executive Officer of Tsinghua Holdings is Hu Haifeng, son of former Communist Party of China General Secretary Hu Jintao.)  Micron is a major technology and semi conductor company which has many important product lines involving flash memory and other products.

If a Micron deal goes through, it would dwarf all previous Chinese takeovers of U.S. firms.

This deal will face close scrutiny by U.S. officials in Washington, including a review by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS).  CFIUS is a panel of representatives from more than a dozen departments and agencies across the U.S. government.  If CFIUS decides a deal poses a security threat, the transaction can be blocked.

Join the Coalition for a Prosperous America in urging the CFIUS to oppose the acquisition of Micron Technology, Inc. by Tsinghua Holdings. 

The fact that a Chinese Government owned entity is buying a critical US technology company presents a substantial risk with national security implications. As we progress further into a technology-dependent economy our defense components and electrical utility systems will be extraordinarily vulnerable to online attack. 

We know that the Chinese Government has the incentive and ability to be disruptive within the technology industry, and in fact has been disruptive.

Please sign this petition opposing the purchase of this major technology company by China.  We need the CFIUS to look out for our security!

We, the undersigned, demand that the acquisition of Micron Technologies by the Chinese government owned Tsinghua Holdings  company be blocked as a national security risk.

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    No to Chinese government hurting US security.
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    Sign the petition: Oppose the China Purchase of Micron Technology
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