Because of YOUR opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Congressional leaders and crony capitalists have given up on trying to pass the TPP BEFORE November’s election.

BUT, President Obama is pushing back hard to get a vote AFTER the election. On August 12, 2016, the White House submitted a Statement of Administrative Action (SAA) to Congress signifying its intent to force a vote on the TPP. By submitting the SAA, the White House starts the statutory clock running so it can present legislation to implement TPP after 30 days. After that, Congress can vote to approve or reject the rigged trade deal.

The TPP will send our jobs and industries to Japan and Vietnam. It will embolden foreign currency manipulators. It will subject give more power to foreign corporations to sue the US before three unaccountable international lawyers who can award unlimited amounts of money to be paid by US taxpayers.

You can help kill the TPP once and for all!

Tell your Representative and Senators to publicly oppose any TPP vote in the lame-duck session this year.