2015 CPA Legislative Fly-In

2015 CPA Legislative Fly-In

We need you there for CPA's 2015 Legislative Fly In on March 2-5, 2015.

President Obama, Senator Orrin Hatch (Chair, Senate Finance Committee) and Rep. Paul Ryan (Chair, House Ways & Means Committee) are collaborating to ram through Fast Track trade authority. We can stop it.  Again. Just like last year.

This is very, very important. Fast Track will set the trade agenda for several years, granting enormous authority to the President and greasing the skids for more deals to kill US production.

This is the Super Bowl.  If we convince Congress to vote against Fast Track, we will have stopped the 40 year trend of bad trade policy.  We will then be able to move to a pro-American strategy.  If we lose, we will be set back years.

This is an invitation only fly in.  We are working to get meetings with your Representative and Senators this year, not just their staff.  CPA is holding scores of meetings with staffers, but we need to get to their bosses.  For that, we need you to show up.

Message from Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA:  "Yes... you are busy.  I don't care.  I need you at this fly in this year."

Register today.  Now.  This moment.  Because we need lead time to get meetings with the Representatives and Senators themselves.

When:  March 2 through 5.  Choose which days you can be there.

Where:  Washington DC, Capitol Hill

Hotel:  Hotel:  Capitol Skyline Hotel, 10 I ("Eye") Street SW, Washington, DC ($179/night.  Call 202.488.7500 for reservations under the Coalition for a Prosperous America discounted room block.)

Cost:  Free… except for the (optional) $45 dinner on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To register:

1.  Fill out the form below.

2.  Click here to let us know which days you are available for meetings, and at what times.

3.  Click here to reserve a spot at the March 3rd dinner (optional, but I hope that you can!)

You should receive a confirmation of your Fly In registration and a separate receipt for the dinner after you pay for it.  If you do not, please contact Sara Haimowitz at 202 688 5145.


And remember:

If you're not at the table, you're on the menu!

March 02, 2015 at 12pm - March 05, 2015

Will you come?