Board of Directors

Executive Committee of the Board

Daniel DiMicco
Chairman of the Board
Chairman Emeritus, Nucor Steel

Brian O’Shaughnessy
Vice Chairman and Manufacturing Co-Chair
Chairman, Revere Copper Products

Brad Markell
Labor Co-Chair
Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council

Joe Logan
Agriculture Co-Chair
President, Ohio Farmers Union


Bill Bullard

Mike Dolan
Trade Policy Specialist, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Rob Dumont
President, Tooling, Mfg & Technologies Assn

Marc Fasteau
Founder and former Chairman, American Strategic Insurance Group

Burl Finkelstein
Executive VP of Operations and General Counsel, Kason Industries

Dave Frengel
Special Projects Coordinator, Penn United Technologies, Inc.

John Hansen
President, Nebraska Farmers Union

Kevin Kelley
Executive Director, Rochester Mfg and Technologies Assn

Stan Sorscher
Labor Representative, Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace

Pam Potthoff
Director, Women Involved in Farm Economics

Bill Parks
Founder and President of NRS