TPP is another FTA that will only add to our $12Trillion accumulated trade deficit (since1990). Free Trade is a good idea that has no application in today's world of Trade Mercantilism.

[Reposted from the blog of Dan DiMicco  |  Dan DiMicco  |  October 7, 2015]

Only fools follow such thinking or those who benefit from a 'gamed' Trade System. All our previous FTA's have failed because we have allowed the other signees to game the system by implementing non-tariff trade barriers like VAT's, Currency Manipulation, State Owned Enterprises......We never say 'Wait a minute' you just agreed to no trade barriers and now you do just the opposite by putting in place an 18% VAT TAX on our goods and rebate it to your exporters!!!!!-i.e. Mexico/NAFTA, etc.
We should have immediately slapped an equal tax on their imports until they dropped the VAT rebates on imports and tax on our exports. We didn't and don't and now we have a FTA era accumulated trade deficit of over $12 Trillion and growing. This is not protectionism, it's common sense and good business negotiating!

Contact your Congressmen and Congresswomen and tell them "Hell No" to TPP another failure to be in a long list of failed Free Trade Agreements-FTA's

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