Democrats Reject Platform Proposal Opposing Trade Deal

June 27, 2016


Democrats on Friday voted down an amendment to the party's platform that would have opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, avoiding an awkward scenario that would have put its statement of values at odds with President Barack Obama.

[Ken Thomas | June 26, 2016 | ABC News]

Members of a Democratic National Convention drafting committee defeated a proposal led by Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., that would have added language rejecting the Pacific Rim trade pact, which has been opposed by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The panel, which is developing the party's platform ahead of next month's Philadelphia convention, instead backed a measure that said "there are a diversity of views in the party" on the TPP and reaffirmed that Democrats contend any trade deal "must protect workers and the environment."

Allies of Clinton and Sanders pored over the 15,000-word draft of the platform at a St. Louis hotel. It was the result of late nights and long hours of policy exchanges between the two campaigns and the Democratic National Committee, reflecting both the party's divisions and areas of consensus.

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  • When has there not been a diversity of views in a say nothing do nothing platform? When has there ever been a trade deal that actually did protect workers and the environment – never. Presidents have term limits for a reason, so that We the People can throw the bums out even if we voted them in. No loyalty is owed by the voters even of the same party to any President’s policies that turn out in practice to be the opposite of what we voted for.
  • IF I lived in Philly, and during the DEM CONVENTION a massive lynch mob stormed the hall, or what ever you call the place, and took the lives of the people that cut the TPP from the platform I would by NO MEANS APPROVE of such actions. However, if I ended up on jury duty for the people that committed such fowl actions and the PROSECUTION wanted a penalty exceeding 50$ fine time served, I have to admit that I would have a hard time of finding that person GUILTY.
    To the members of the PLATFORM COMMITTEE, DEMOCRATIC PARTY is spelled with the word DEMOCRATIC, which came from the word DEMOCRACY, which interestingly means that decisions by a group must be in favor of what the MAJORITY of such group wants, and each member of the group is given a chance to express their thoughts about the issue. (I know it’s a shocker) For the past year, in case YOU PEOPLE weren’t paying attention, this guy WE LIKE to call BERNIE has raised a lot of RUCKUS over a number of issues and one of them was bad trade deals like the TPP. BERNIE has brought the downfalls of what the TPP can do to OUR NATION and raised OUR ATTENTION on it making it clear that WE THE PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!!
    Just a quick reminder, Those corporations that LOVE YOU SO MUCH and try to influence your decisions can’t VOTE for you, and YOU BETTER DAMN WELL REMEMBER THAT WE WON’T FORGET WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE ABOUT TO DO.
  • I will stay home at election time if trade reform is not made top priority in the democratic platform! If the tpp is shoved down our throats like all the other bad deals, I will vote for mickey mouse from now on!
  • In addition to a rebuke to Obama on trade policy it would hurt contributions from offshore to certain foundations and pass-throughs to campaign funding. The Democrat Leadership has been pro-dumb trade. Several “non-leadership” members in both parties in sensitive states/districts have been at odds with “leadership” but the top of both parties are still pushing damaging globalism. The public substantially “gets it” on trade, consistent with Dan DiMicco’s comments. Unfortunately “leadership” has a very different agenda. The “leadership” kerfuffle in the GOP demonstrates that many of those who revered Reagan have bought into giving away US sovereignty. Voters need to focus on the trade component of the economy as if their jobs depend on it. They do. And, US sovereignty is also on the “ballot” this year.