Finance Committee Republicans stress need to work with Trump on trade, TPP

November 18, 2016


[Daily News| November 18, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Just over week after the election of Donald Trump effectively eliminated the chances for a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership this year, Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee said they see a path forward in working with the president-elect on trade policy -- including the possibility of making changes to TPP.

Sens. Pat Toomey (PA), Rob Portman (OH), John Thune (SD) and Tim Scott (SC) -- who all won re-election last week -- told Inside U.S. Trade on Nov. 16 that while little is known about the president-elect's plans, their traditionally pro-free trade Republican Party is going to have to find common ground with Trump on a trade agenda.

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  • First the distinction between “free trade” and what fair and balanced trade means must be made. Trade must be for the mutual benefit between the countries trading It cannot be one way trade or predatory globalism. Trade cannot be to the benefit of only a hand full of people or countries. The huge trade deficits that we are currently running with China, Japan and South Korea does not reflect the true intent of any fairness and world harmony of pro free trade TPP policies. Therefore the current TPP must be revised or redone so that we can have a fair footprint in the balance of trade in the Asian -Pacific region.
  • What does it take to kill the vampire TPP, a stake through the heart?