Hillary Clinton Emails: Secret Negotiations With New York Times, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed In Latest State Department Release

February 22, 2016


Emails show Clinton seeming to personally lobby her former Democratic colleagues in the Senate to support free trade agreements (FTAs) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. She had previously told voters she would work to block the Colombian and South Korean pacts. 

[Jackie Salo & David Sirota| February, 19 2016 |International Business Times]

An email Oct. 8, 2011, to Clinton from her aide Huma Abedin gave notes about the state of play in Congress on the proposed trade pacts. The notes provided Clinton “some background before you make the calls” to legislators.

Two days later in an email titled “FTA calls,” Clinton wrote to aides indicating she had spoken to Sens. Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Jim Webb of Virginia, both Democrats. She told the aides she had talked with “Webb who is strong in favor of all 3” trade agreements, and then asked, “So why did I call him?” — indicating she was otherwise phoning  to try to convince wavering lawmakers to support the deals.

Only three years earlier, Clinton wooed organized labor during her presidential campaign with promises to oppose those same deals. She called the South Korea agreement “inherently unfair.” She also said, “I will do everything I can to urge the Congress to reject the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.” Clinton has lately courted organized labor’s support for her current presidential bid by pledging to oppose the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, a deal she repeatedly touted while secretary of state.

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  • Hillary Clinton is a flip flopper and has not been very dishonest with the American people. She did not secure her confidential e-mails and has been dishonest on the Bengasi issue. Now she has flipped on the TPP trade issue, again being very deceptive. Bill Clinton repealed Glass -Steagall and enacted the dreadful NAFTA that killed manufacturing in this country from 25% of GDP to now about 10% GDP. Now she takes big money $$$ from the oligarchs who run and control Wall St. and now will have to carry their mail. Why would you trust her at her word?