I am CPA

December 17, 2015


People like you support a better America by supporting the Coalition for a Prosperous America. Hear their stories about how trade cheating, currency manipulation, failed trade agreements, dumping, and the lack of a new tax system personally affects them. Do you hear your story echoing in theirs?

Support us so we can support you! We fight in D.C. and across the country for you!  So America can win the international competition for good paying jobs and industries, rebuild our communities and provide opportunity for our families.



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  • I’m CPA and I stand with all other CPA members to take a stand and demand fair trade justice from our governmint or sit for nothing. We must become a stronger force for trade justice, fairness and balanced trade with all world trade countries. Our American future generations values, ideals, economy, jobs and sovereignty depends on the CPA to achieving their goals. Most people do not realize or are not aware of how important these issues have become until they loose more freedoms and standards of living. We do not want to become ruled in every way by the heavy hand of the oligarchs new world oder.