Issue Papers

CPA has a variety of infographics to help you become a strong advocate for Free, Fair and Balanced Trade. Click on the links below to view them.

1.   Balanced Trade: Fighting the New Mercantilism. Why the trade deficit is the core economic problem we face.  Balancing trade will help eliminate the unemployment, growth and government budget deficit problems.

       -  Balanced Trade statutory language.  If Congress wants a balanced trade goal for America, how would they write it. CPA has crafted this statutory “balanced trade” national goal for Congress to consider.

2.  Trade Agreements Are Not Working: Past agreements have harmed our trade performance, especially with committed mercantilistic countries. This document shows our trade performance with (a) trade agreement countries, (b) China and (c) the rest of the world.

3.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Government's Own Study Shows No Benefit  The US International Trade Commission released a May 2016 report that was devastating to the Administration's case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It shows that our trade deficit will worsen and manufacturing jobs will be lost as a result of the TPP.

4.  21st Century Trade Agreement Principles:  CPA and other organizations drafted a document listing 13 principles that should be included in any 21st Century Trade Agreement.  Over 150 organizations and companies have signed on.

5.   Tax Reform for Trade Competitiveness. U.S. exporters are double taxed - they pay our taxes and also pay foreign consumption taxes.  Over 150 countries have replaced tariffs with border adjustable consumption taxes.  How can America use tax reform to neutralize this foreign double taxation, broaden the tax base, and reduce reliance on income taxes?

6.  Sales Factor Apportionment for International Corporate Taxation: Congress can lower the corporate tax rate, improve export competitiveness and fight tax avoidance through profit shifting while preserving tax revenue. The problem of profit shifting to tax haven countries is out of control and must be fixed to put US manufacturers on a level playing field with transnational companies and importers. Switching to sales factor apportionment for corporate taxation fixes these problems and makes income tax border adjustable.

7.  Agriculture will not benefit from the TPP: A March 2016 agricultural trade association study projecting net gains for agriculture is unreliable. It uses the same methods that wrongly projected agricultural gains from the South Korea-US trade agreement when the actual result was worsened agricultural trade performance.

     - See how America's cattle and sheep producers have been harmed by dumb trade agreements.

8.   Currency manipulation is ignored in the TPP. But a separate agreement among TPP countries is promoted as addressing the problem. The linked document shows why that separate agreement does nothing.

     - See how Japan's currency manipulation helps Toyota and other big Japanese firms unfair profits to the detriment of US companies.

9.  A Competitiveness Strategy for the United States: America needs to win the international competition for good jobs and sustained economic growth.  Here are the strategic objectives the federal government should adopt.

10.  Duty Evasion: Support the ENFORCE Act to crack down on fraudulent avoidance of duty orders by unscrupulous foreign shippers.  For more extensive information and real world examples, see Duty Evasion: how ‘Trade Cheats’ Steal Our Treasure.

11. Trade War Myths: The Smoot-Hawley Act did not cause a trade war. Trade actually fell faster in the 2008 Great Recession than it did after 1929. 

12. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Not Improve U.S. National Security. Why Obama is wrong when he says "If we don't write the rules, China will write the rules in that region."

13. How trade agreements force us to change our laws and put our sovereignty at risk.

14. Unfair Trade Deals Cause Income Inequality. Trade deals have caused 93% of income inequality from 1995 to 2011.


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    Even though I like what CPA is advocating….it is all talking while inside a large Ship that hit the large Iceberg. No matter what you say, would not GO anywhere. So, time to airlift everyone to a safe land. For example: We can start a new International Trade and Commerce deal using five Trillion dollars overseas and two Trillion dollars in the USA over the next 15 years to change the basis of our planet AND not get Collapsed by it like the SHIP.

    I can start with 100 Billion Dollars of project toward the Multi-Trillion system now like doing a 100 GW natural gas based Power in India that our President was supposed to present in to India, but did not do it on January 26th, 2015. Rest can be talked once you are out of the dying ship while overlooking the new and gorgeous land in safety. Good Luck and Thank you for thinking ahead.