Legacy Funding at the Coalition for a Prosperous America Education Fund

images_(1).jpegThank you for considering a legacy gift to the Coalition for a Prosperous America Education Fund, the non profit sister organization of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  

These gifts can leave a legacy of prosperity for your children and grandchildren, while helping you to save taxes, increase your income and pass more on to your heirs. 

If you are just beginning to explore your options, here are some examples of gifts that you can make:

A bequest through a will

A gift through a trust

A gift through a retirement plan or insurance policy

A gift of real estate

A gift of stock

An outright gift from my IRA

For more information or for a personalized legacy proposal; contact our Development Director, Brian Carr at brianc@prosperousamerica.org or 202.688.5145 ext. 3






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