Obama tells Vietnam, in alternate reality, the TPP will pass

May 23, 2016


U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday he was confident a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal he has championed will be approved by U.S. legislators, to the benefit of the world.

[Robert Birsel| May 23, 2016 |Reuters]

Obama, on a Visit to Vietnam, told a news conference the TPP was a good deal for U.S. business and it would give the United States the ability to engage on issues of concern.

He said he had not seen a credible argument that the deal, which will group 12 economies, would hurt U.S. business.

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  • Are you kidding me! He has not seen a credible argument! That can only be because he refuses to look. The last time I looked there were plenty of reasons not to pass the TPP in its present form. Even Sen. Levin has given 9 reform reasons why we should not pass the TPP in its present format. Obama is still part of the do nothing change nothing agenda in Washington that is killing America. We do not need a false rate increase. Quickly re enact the Glass-Steagal laws. Stop the revolving door at the Treasury, Fed.Res. and SEC. Has the US military-industrial complex grown beyond control of its citizens? Lets start by shining more light on the truth in business and government.