Paola Masman

paola_profile.png Paola Masman
 Media Director
 Coalition for a Prosperous America Education Fund

 Paola Masman is CPA’s Media Director. Her education and years in media, public relations,  marketing, and advertising has prepared her for a career in advocacy. Her interest in trade policy  reform came from previously writing for Economy in Crisis and seeing the need to raise  awareness. Her goal is to shed light to issues that aren’t commonly talked about in mainstream  media and getting our voices to be heard. She sees the need in trade policy reform especially  with the young generation and the recent college graduates who are struggling to find a job and  pay back their loans. “I believe that the CPA has a solid plan to make the U.S. competitive again  and get us back on the winning path, I am tired of losing.”

 Paola has a B.A. from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio and lives in Columbus, Ohio.