Rep. Slaughter Introduces A 'Trade Deficit Reduction Act'

October 05, 2016


[Daily News| October 04, 2016 | Inside US Trade]

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has introduced a bill designed to identify and reduce trade deficits.

Slaughter, a staunch opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, says the “Trade Deficit Reduction Act” would “change how we approach international trade and make it benefit our workers and manufacturers.”

Slaughter's office said the bill text is still being finalized. In a press release, she said it would “put a government-wide focus on addressing the most significant trade deficits that exist between the United States and other countries.”

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  • As well intended as Rep. Slaughter’s intentions may be (and I do like her bill) I could help but notice that she is another democrat from NY. My worry then would be that she would be too cozy with HRC to bring any true and meaningful change especially if HRC were to be elected. I would think that because HRC has most likely taken big money from the globalist oligarchs she would probably veto and new trade bill unless it represented “more of the same” as in the current TPP format. To me HRC does not truly represent the real changes we need to make in trade policies and reforms…B.B. where are you?