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Tesla, North Korea, NAFTA and Rethinking America’s Growth Strategy?

June 26, 2017

President Trump declared that China’s efforts with North Korea have failed. Tesla, despite Elon Musk’s prior commitment to USA made electric cars, announced that it is in talks to build a plant in Shanghai. It may be time to shift America’s China strategy away from diplomacy towards actions we can...

Seven Reasons why Ending NAFTA would not Cause Armageddon

May 01, 2017

by Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA The media was aghast last week that some Trump administration personnel had drafted a proposal to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as well as a proposal to renegotiate it. Later reports said the White House was not going to advance...

What to think about the Trump/China 100 day plan on trade?

April 11, 2017

By Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA Last Friday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the US and China have agreed to establish a 100 day plan on trade. The big news is that both the President of the United States and the President of China agree that trade imbalances are...

Trump's Executive Orders on Trade Deficits are a Step Towards Action

April 07, 2017

By Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA, and Jason Cooper, CPA Research Assistant While the trade deficit deniers continue issuing Fake Trade News, President Trump signed a recent executive order entitled “Omnibus Report on Significant Trade Deficits”. This is an important step towards action.  The resulting  document trade deficits and their...

CPA's Balanced Trade Ideas Going Global

March 28, 2017

By Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA The Trans-Atlantic establishment is shaken about America’s free trade skepticism. They invited CPA to Brussels, the Capitol of Europe, to discuss our balanced trade ideas, explore whether we are “protectionists” or not, and to explain the American flavor of anti-establishment politics to their old...

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