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Trade deficits are killing our jobs, our businesses and our future.  Will you, your company or your organization support legislation that would make “balanced trade” a national trade policy goal for the United States? This is the best time in decades to achieve a fundamental change in US trade policy because:

1. The public has turned against the same old trade policy;

2. The presidential candidates have followed the public will;

3. The Trans Pacific Partnership highlights the dangers of increased trade deficits.

 This is America’s economy


This is our economy on trade deficits


Problem:  The US has the biggest continuous trade deficit in the history of the world. Highly competitive manufacturing companies have been lost. Millions of jobs have been destroyed. Our agricultural trade surplus has been eroding. Communities have been hollowed out. The TPP will make these problems worse.

Trade negotiators have refused to address the biggest causes of the trade deficits in trade deals. Instead they negotiate trade deals with a hodge-podge of special interest tariff cuts, regulatory changes and sovereignty giveaways. Congress has failed to set a national goal to fix the trade deficit. 

Solution: We need to pass a bill setting "balanced trade" as a national goal to fix the trade deficit.  At this moment, we may have a majority in Congress opposed to the TPP. But some congressional members can flip flop and support TPP because their reasons for opposition are technical side issues - like special interest drug, tobacco or dairy positions - rather than the overall national interest in fixing trade deficits.

Achieving balanced trade - a rough balance of exports and imports over time - will eliminate our trade deficit and create at least five million jobs in our economy.  It will require eliminating our manufactured goods deficit and reclaiming a stronger agricultural trade surplus.  Tax revenues will increase. Reshoring will occur on a large scale.  Manufacturing supply chains will flourish. Communities will rebuild and prosper. America’s economy will grow.

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