Ted Cruz to Sessions: You are Wrong about TPP

March 10, 2016


In 2015, Ted Cruz was on with Jeff Kuhner and answered some tough questions about why he supports the TPP.One of the questions was specifically about what Jeff Sessions has been saying about the trade deal and Cruz blatantly said that what Sessions has been saying is not accurate. In short, he said that the US is not ceding any sovereignty to any transnational commission, that it has no power to bind the US with any law or agreement.

Listen to the interview here.

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  • Only some lawyers and con-men understand and support the treasonous defiance of our Constitution in this sovereignty “debate.” It begins with “Fast Track” (so-called “Trade Promotion Authority”), a defiance of the Constitutional requirement that treaties be ratified by “2/3 of the Senators present.” Their legal fiction is the resulting “FTAs” are not treaties and that they become US law not by force of treaty (which upon ratification become “supreme law of the land”) but rather supposedly by an “Executive-Legislative Agreement” allowing the President and his appointees to negotiate a treaty (er….FTA) and then it is enacted by a simple majority of Congress as just another law (via FTA enactment legislation). Trace these kinds of Legislative-Executive Agreement defiances of the Constitutional requirement (of treaty ratification by 2/3 of the Senate) all the way back to President Truman offering both Houses of Congress the Bretton Woods Agreement (which established the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund) as a congressional-‐‑ executive agreement rather than a treaty. And they still smell of evasion of the Constitution. Same continues with, for example, gutting the COOL law in response to a WTO Appellate Body judgement. Rather than openly showing we have global governance, Congress “complied” by a “sovereign” Act of legislation changing the law to conform to the WTO judgement. Giving plausible deniability to Cruz and all the other globalists who pose as obeying the Constitution and maintaining US sovereignty by using these unconstitutional and treasonous “legislative-executive agreements” to create and submit to global governance under corporate-written treaty law.
  • Oh yeah? What about the ISDS challenge to COOL (country of origin labeling for meat) under NAFTA? Did Ted cave in to the WTO ruling on that one? Is TPP somehow different from NAFTA or a lot worse?