Tell Michael Froman that trade is important!

Tell Michael Froman that trade matters!

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We're in the election season, and we're hearing about all sorts of issues.

Know what we're not hearing about?


For 40 years, perennial trade deficits have resulted in debilitating and potentially permanent job losses, stagnant incomes, industry losses and massive foreign debt.

Stunningly, U.S. law has never prioritized trade and creating a trading strategy as a national objective.

Perpetual trade deficits and unlimited foreign debt are unsustainable for any nation.

While there is still time to avoid a catastrophic economic correction, Congress should direct the office of the USTR to pursue a trading strategy as the principal federal trade policy objective to ensure that trade agreements and other trade initiatives reduce and do not exacerbate our economic difficulties. It's time we said: enough! We need to tell this administration that trade matters. This means that we ask them to: Demand that Congress adopt balanced trade as the primary national trade goal Develop a strategy for trading with foreign nations, as opposed to a series of ad hoc trade agreements. Foreign mercantilist practices - such as currency misalignment, divergent tax systems, industrial subsidies that cause U.S. deindustrialization and economic decline - are given scant attention in trade negotiations and have not once been addressed effectively in agreements presented to the Congress for approval.

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