The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam

December 29, 2015


Last spring, President Barack Obama got downright crabby about people criticizing the mammoth Trans-Pacific Partnership he’s trying to sell to Congress and the public.

[by Jim Hightower| December 29, 2015 |Other Words]

More and more Americans are learning that the TPP would undermine America’s very sovereignty, giving multinational corporations direct access to secretive tribunals that could roll back any consumer, labor, or environmental laws that global corporate giants don’t like.

Yet an irked Obama denies that this is true: “They’re making this stuff up,” he cried. “No trade agreement is going to force us to change our laws.”

Perhaps he was misinformed. Perhaps he hasn’t actually read the deal he’s pushing. Or — dare we say it? — perhaps he’s lying.

In unmistakable language, the TPP does indeed create the private, corporate-run mechanism for changing our laws. Moreover, surely Obama knows that foreign corporations are already doing this indirectly.

Through little-known provisions in past trade scams, powerful corporations in other countries have pressured their governments to challenge our laws in similar tribunals.

From Canada to Malaysia, many countries have — on behalf of their corporate powers — successfully forced Congress and U.S. agencies to weaken or eliminate everything from environmental protections to consumer right-to-know laws.

In fact, this very year, Obama’s own administration has been told by the World Trade Organization that it must alter or repeal America’s laws on labeling foreign agricultural products.

This TPP flimflam would elevate profiteering corporations to the legal status of sovereign nations, empowering them to sue directly in rigged corporate courts “to force us to change our laws.” Obama knows this—and if he doesn’t, he should.

Either way, it destroys his presidential credibility and moral authority to keep pushing this giveaway of our people’s sovereignty.

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  • WE THE PEOPLE got burned by NAFTA. You would think that President OBAMA, a guy that has a HARVARD LAW DEGREE, would have learned from the FIRE that former President Bill Clinton created by signing NAFTA into law would have learned that playing with FIRE is a BAD THING TO DO. I am amazed that TWO GUYS that were smart enough to get DEGREES from HARVARD are not smart enough to understand that YOU DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE!
    It is without question that WE THE PEOPLE need you.
  • We do not need another NAFTA like deal that gives away our jobs and economy. The current form of TPP will also give away our sovereignty. This will not become a counter balance to China trade as intended but will further undermine what’s left of the fragile American manufacturing economy. The current TPP is a sell out of American ingenuity and integrity. We need a much stronger manufacturing industry in America.
  • Trade agreements at this juncture of world trade are more complex than can be reasonably understood. Powers larger than my mind and others minds are looking to get rich on the opportunities made by this deal. While capitalism is great and profit nice, the ethics involved at this level are cloaked dark, or obscured by covert operations. Who pays? the people, and the rich get richer. The larger the deal, the larger the profit and that profit is paid for by the common folk. Bill Gates is one rich man with ethics, I would ask him what he thinks about this. I am just going by the past and present actions and results of the deals that get passed by the congress we have that is but a puppet of the wealthy.