TPP ambassadors pledge to increase push for lame-duck vote

October 20, 2016


[ Daily News| October 17, 2016 | Inside US Trade]

Ambassadors from Trans-Pacific Partnership countries this week pledged to accelerate their efforts to ensure the agreement is passed during a lame-duck session of Congress and reiterated the importance of the United States to the global trading system and its TPP partners.

Ambassadors to the U.S. from Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam spoke at an Oct. 17 luncheon hosted by the National Foreign Trade Council's Global Innovation Forum and New Zealand's ambassador to the U.S., Tim Groser.

“We are fully engaged in this and we will be accelerating our efforts,” Groser said of the foreign officials' plan to make the case for a vote this year.

“Obviously we're trying to work out what the timetable will be – that is itself a little opaque at this point – but you can take it for real that we will be accelerating our process,” he added.

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  • Michael Froman will serve as a perfect example as to why we need term limits and the 5 year waiting period to go from a govt. job to a Wall St or lobby job in Washington or vis versa. If I remember correctly wasn’t Mr. Froman the CEO of Citibank during the 2008 market crash that they helped to create and then got huge trillion dollar secret govt. loans from the treasury and Obama that no body knew about. With these unethical and immoral people it is always about greed and self enrichment over the publics interest…All the pay to play that is going on in Washington must be stopped at the next election is our only hope…
  • http://www.tppbadforus.info/index.php
    The first paragraph from the article with above link:

    On February 4, 2016, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement was signed by each of 12 participating countries. For the United States this trade agreement has been primarily promoted by Barack Obama’s chosen U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman. Michael Froman has primarily promoted this trade agreement in the United States by mentioning increased U.S. exports that he says this agreement will result in. While doing this he deceptively or ignorantly ignores our nations high amount of imports. He has been trying to get people to ignore how trade between nations is calculated with exports minus imports equaling the trade balance of a nation. For trade between nations this is the equivalent of a fourth grade math student when taking an exam ignoring the minus signs (-) and only looking at the plus (+) signs. Could that student get a good passing grade? No and only if the teacher also ignored the minus (-) sign in writing the test.

    Another article showing how Michael Froman promotes TPP.
  • They can try all they want. We who care about this planet, our national sovereignty and the environment, to name a few of the issues the TPP would damage, have been working for nearly 3 years to defeat their uber-capitalist scheme to rob us in favor of the corporations. We will keep up the fight. Everyone needs to keep calling their representatives to insist that they oppose the TPP or be opposed during the next election. To give our country away like this amounts to treason.
  • Of course these Ambassadors would want to fast track the TPP through our lame president. They want anther NAFTA like trade deal that will no doubt become another one way free trade deal that will not increase American jobs or help reduce our trade deficit or improve our national economy in any way. Even worse than that if the current TPP gets rammed through it will reduce our national sovereignty in the ISDS as congress will no longer have any leverage to act. Also the merchantilism aspect and the currency manipulation aspect of the TPP will not be addressed. Those fat cat ambassadors who are actually working for the predatory globalist corporations, Wall St. and communist country interest, not democracy want more of the same and have HRC already bought and paid for in their pocket to make no meaningful changes…The current TPP should not be passed by any means as it is another sell out of the American people.