Trump transition officials endorse tariff threat as a way to 'fight for American jobs'

December 09, 2016


[ Daily News | December 02, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Top officials with the Trump transition team defended the President-elect's threat of a 35 percent tariff on any U.S. company that offshores its operations and then exports its goods back to the U.S., telling reporters such businesses are effectively “profiting off the backs of U.S. workers.”

“The only way this [tariff] happens is if you want to abandon U.S. workers. If you stay in the country – there is no penalty. This doesn't happen unless you try to profit off the backs of U.S. workers,” Jason Miller, communications director of Trump's transition team, told Inside U.S. Trade during a Dec. 8 call with reporters.

Drawing attention from the business community and key GOP lawmakers, Trump, in a series of sharply worded Twitter posts on Dec. 4, threatened to impose a 35 percent tariff on products from any U.S. company that moves operations offshore.

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  • This is a very true statement indeed from Trump and again we should of had presidents who long ago recognized this but did nothing about it. It is a large part of the reason that we have predatory globalism today and the huge wage and wealth disparity that exists world wide. Along with the 35% tariff we also need to tax all forms of income (wages, capital gains and dividends) at the same rate and perhaps the highest corporate incomes at a much higher rate. The way I see it is companies like Apple have abused the American worker long enough and should have to pay back retroactively the American workers who they stole billions of dollars from over the years…