White House Calls In Business Groups, Companies To Gear Up For TPP Push

September 08, 2016


[ Daily News| August 7, 2016 | Inside US Trade]

Updated on Sept. 9 at 6 pm: Heads of trade associations from Washington D.C. offices and executives from major companies on Sept. 8 will meet with Obama administration officials at the White House, where sources say the administration will urge attendees to step up lobbying efforts for the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a potential lame-duck session quickly approaches.

Two sources said the administration's meeting to push for additional TPP lobbying efforts will be more than just a pep rally for the deal, with the White House likely to ask attendees to more seriously engage as the window for TPP's passage under Obama closes.

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  • “To push for additional TPP lobby efforts”. This must be the part where the lobbiest come in to each congressional voter and offer-bribe with money or special favors for their vote. I read somewhere that for the countries and corporations to make a simple $200M bribe-offer to all congressmen comes to about $2M per vote investment.That is a huge return on investment-bribe for those countries-companies for that small “investment”-bribe. Why do we allow this to happen when our own leaders can be easily bribed to sell out the American people? Do our leaders have no conscious or moral compass? Do they not read the Josh Bivens globalization report on wealth inequality increasing fast?