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  • CPA Statement on China’s WTO Compliance

    Each year, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) produces a report on China’s compliance with its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments. Ahead of this year’s report, the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) has submitted comments to the USTR. CPA’s letter focuses on China’s many broken promises, particularly in the automotive and electric vehicle market—industries that Beijing has targeted as part of its ‘China 2025 plan.’ Said Michael Stumo, CEO of the CPA: Read more
  • A Second Wave Of Layoffs Is Coming As Lockdowns Persist

    CPA's take: The re-layoff phenomenon needs to be considered as Congress deliberates on COVID relief.  And you thought the second wave of the coronavirus was nasty. Before the second wave has even hit first wave hot spots like New York, a second wave of layoffs is coming. Thank you, lockdown gurus! Read more
  • A Five-Point Plan for Trump to Reshore American Industry & Win in November

    CPA's note: Jeff Ferry is Chief Economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a bipartisan coalition of business, labor, and farmers focused on restoring US prosperity. Follow him at @menloferry. President Trump is running behind his Democratic challenger in the polls. However, past polling has been badly wrong — we need only look as far as the 2016 election for a particularly sharp example. Polls mean nothing if the president plays his cards right. With four months to go until Election Day, he still holds the cards necessary to win in November.  Read more
  • As Chinese Trade Surpluses Persist, So Will Risk of Trade Wars

    Editor’s note: This is a good article getting at the fundamental causes of trade imbalances. China’s - and other countries’ - consumption suppression means they will export their overproduction and their unemployment. Trade officials are not doing their job if they don’t understand this.  By suppressing consumption, China imposes a production glut on the world, to the detriment of its own workers and trading partners Read more
  • It’s Time to Exit Relics of Globalism Like the WTO

    Editor’s note: The WTO was designed to be one of several agencies in a future global govt. Instead it aided and abetted the hollowing out of the US economy and the legitimization of authoritarian state-capitalism. “What’s good for the global economy” replaced “what’s good for America” as the guiding principle for Washington’s trade negotiators, diplomats, and strategists. Read more
  • Senator Hawley Gives Floor Speech on Reforming the Global Economy, Preventing China’s Domination

    Editor’s note: Senator Hawley made this powerful speech on how it is in the US national interest to ditch the WTO and to prevent China’s domination.  Today U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) took to the Senate floor to make the case for reforming the global economy and preventing China’s domination. Read more
  • Wages are about to jump faster than ever in history — for all the wrong reasons

    Editor's Note: Dan Alpert is on CPA's advisory board and a principal researcher to the Job Quality Index. Average hourly wages will likely jump between 4% and 6%, cumulatively, from March through May of this year. How can this be? Because we have just eliminated tens of millions of low-wage/low hour jobs and the mix of jobs has reversed in favor of better paying positions — for all the wrong reasons. The debate over why wages were growing so poorly since the great recession is now over – the answer is that the US was adding mostly low-wage/low-quality jobs. Read more
  • Press Release | Devastating Job Quality Report Shows Lower Quality Jobs Took Biggest Hit

    20.5 million U.S. jobs lost in April Washington. Today’s jobs report shows a drastic collapse in overall U.S. employment. A record 20.5 million jobs were lost in April, propelling the nation’s unemployment rate up to 14.7 percent, a new post-World War II high. Read more
  • Op-ed | How exactly do we pay for needed COVID relief?

    Editor's Note: Michael Stumo is CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA). Follow him on Twitter @michael_stumo. We’re now roughly two months into the global COVID-19 pandemic. Amid unprecedented economic disruption, Congress has already passed four pieces of bailout legislation at a cost of roughly $3.6 trillion. The spending is necessary, but one question keeps hanging in the air: How will Washington pay for it? Read more
  • Opinion | Coronavirus Is Bringing an End to the Offshoring Era

    Editor’s note: The US Trade Ambassador lays out the "Lighthizer Doctrine".  Which is much different than the views of his predecessors. The pandemic, and Trump’s trade policy, are accelerating a trend to bring manufacturing back to America. Read more
  • How China Obtains American Trade Secrets

    Editor’s note: Keith Bradsher does a good job laying out the mechanisms of China’s state sponsored technology theft and forced transfer. Its the tip of the iceberg. Companies have long accused Chinese rivals of swiping or seizing valuable technology. Beijing promises to ban those practices, but enforcement could be tough. Read more
  • Jeff Ferry | Steel tariffs are reviving forgotten communities

    Editor's Note: Jeff Ferry is the chief economist for CPA. Media commentators often criticize the Trump administration’s steel tariffs.  Read more
  • Blog: US-China Deal Must Be Watched Closely

    By David Lynn, Ph.D. President Trump is doing what no other president has ever done on trade—actually making progress as opposed to uttering empty rhetoric and finger-wagging. Read more
  • Press Release | Job Quality Instant Report: Job Creation and Job Quality are up in November

    Job Quality Instant Report: Job Creation and Job Quality are up in November Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 266,000 jobs in November, substantially above the median market expectation of 185,000. Read more
  • Bill Jones- Penn United Tech

      Bill Jones is the President of Penn United Technologies in Cabot, PA. Unfair trade policies have taken his company from 700 employees down to 500 at one point. Find out what happened and why he joined CPA to rebuild our manufacturing sector.