Melissa Tallman

  • UAW Invokes Trump’s ‘Buy American,’ Urges Boycott of GM’s Outsourcing to Mexico - CPA

    Editor’s note: The UAW is making a good move to urge a boycott of GM for offshoring to China while laying off US workers. There are plenty of cars and trucks made by US workers that we can buy.

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  • Melissa Tallman

    Melissa Tallman is the Marketing and Communications Director for CPA. Melissa was an entrepreneur herself, as she recently sold her health & wellness business in 2017. With over 10+ years of management and networking, she has a vast array of skills from strategies, marketing to event coordinating. Her goal is to highlight and bring more awareness of trade issues, with the importance to the U.S. economy. Being a small business owner herself, she understands the daily struggles and triumphs that many face. Melissa enjoys making personal connections and loves to hear YOUR story. With time being just as valuable, she wants to ensure that you are able to get the most out of CPA, receiving your information from us efficiently.


    Melissa is completing her degree with Southern New Hampshire University. She lives in Central New York with her husband and 2 boys. 

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