'Buy American': Rick Scott urges people not to purchase products made in 'communist China'

May 13, 2020

Editor’s note:  Sen. Rick Scott is pretty aggressive here. Don’t buy from China at all, he says. Buy American for jobs. 

Sen. Rick Scott is calling on people living in the United States to stop buying Chinese-made products in retaliation against the country's communist government.

[Mica Soellner | May 12, 2020 | Washington Examiner]

The Florida Republican accused the country of stealing American jobs and technology while blasting the Chinese Communist Party on the Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio on Monday.

"We should stop [buying Chinese products]," Scott told host Benson. "We should buy American products. It's going to help American jobs."

Scott went on to argue that China restricts religious freedoms and infringes upon the rights of Hong Kong citizens, a tumultuous issue that led to mass protests in the region promoting democracy in the last year. The senator also refused to call China a global competitor of business because of its tendency to "cheat" in trade to protect its home market.

"They want to dominate the world," he said. "They're not a competitor. ... I was in business. I'm a business guy, loved to compete. These guys are out to lie, cheat, and steal to win."

China has come under scrutiny internationally for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, which originated in Wuhan. The country has been accused of withholding information about the virus that may have prevented the now-global pandemic in addition to spreading disinformation and propaganda regarding the virus.

Last week, a virtual global summit was held in which world leaders pledged billions of dollars to aid in the development of a vaccine and drugs to combat the virus. The U.S. did not send representation to the event.

Scott said if China were to be the first nation to get a vaccine, it would be detrimental to the world.

"If they get the vaccine first, it's not good for the country or for the world, because you know what? They're not going to share. I mean, they're going to take care of one group of people. The Communist Party of communist China," he said.

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  • James Bertolone
    Yes , and even a stopped clock is right twice a day . Rick Scott should be in prison instead of the Senate . At ACA Healthcare he made , not seven , not eight , but a nine figure salary with his stock options the year his company paid the biggest settlement on Medicare fraud in our history . Of course this $100 million CEO had no idea fraud was going on . This is political posturing from a known union buster who cares nothing about worker issues .
    Jim Bert