Lean Accounting and Lean Management Summits

August 20, 2015


Michele Nash-Hoff, Chair of CPA's CA Chapter, will be speaking at one of the three events taking place during Lean Leadership Week in Jacksonville, FL, October 5-9.

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Lean Leadership Week: 3 Events. 1 Week. 1 City.

The Summit on Lean Leadership and the Lean Accounting and Lean Management Summits

I am speaking at one of the three events taking place during Lean Leadership Week in Jacksonville, FL, October 5-9. The Week kicks off with a stand-alone event, the inaugural Summit on Lean Leadership, held at One Ocean Resort on October 5-6. Later that same week, The Lean Accounting Summit and The Lean Management Summit will take place at The Sawgrass Marriott on October 8-9 with optional workshops taking place October 7. I will be giving my presentation on "How to Return Manufacturing to America using Total Cost of Ownership Analysis" at the Lean Accounting Summit the afternoon of October 8th. Join me and hundreds of lean practitioners as we explore best practices in accounting and management in the lean enterprise.
The opening keynote speaker will be Author and Speaker, Michael Ballé, who has written several books and articles about the links between knowledge and management and more recently, co-authored Lead with Respect. Previously Michael authored two business novels published by the Lean Enterprise Institute, one about lean turnaround, The Gold Mine and one about lean transformation,  The Lean Manager.
The special keynote speaker will be Jerry Bowyer,  Economic Advisor, Author, Business & Finance Broadcast Personality. Jerry Bowyer is a frequent CNBC Contributor, former guest host of the Kudlow Report, contributor to Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications. Hear this unique take on Lean and its broader impact on economies of the world.
The closing keynote speaker will be Jamie Flinchbaugh, co-founder and partner of the Lean Learning Center and the co-author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road." He previously worked at DTE Energy as a lean thought leader to help transform the operations, leadership and thinking of the utility industry towards a philosophy of lean systems. Earlier in his career, he was part of the development, training and implementation of the Chrysler Operating System, a widely benchmarked lean change program.
Some of the other Lean experts speaking and their topics are:

  • Brian Maskell, BMA - Solving the Standard Costing Problem and Powerful Performance Measurements for Control & Rapid Improvement
  • Bill Waddell - Black Box Accounting and People, Process, Prosperity
  • Jerry Solomon - Respect for People
  • Sam MacPherson - The Obeya - The Secret to Achieving Lean Management System Excellence and Leadership as Special Forces
  • Jean Cunningham - First Steps to Lean Accounting Statements
  • Mike Wroblewski - Creating a Kaizen Culture
  • Cheryl Jekiel - HR as a Driver for Enterprise-wide Lean Change
  • Drew Locher - Behavior Driving Culture
  • Larry Grasso - Surveying the Field: Accounting and performance measurement at facilities engaged in lean transformation
  • Orry Fiume - Understanding the Role of Lean Leadership

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