ALG Poll Shows Potential Voters Do Not Approve Of TPP Deal

March 23, 2016


An Americans for Limited Government (ALG) poll shows many potential voters initially oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership when asked about the deal, but that opposition grows after people are given information reflecting both sides of the debate.

[Daily News| March 18, 2016 |Inside US Trade]

Before reading the additional arguments for and against TPP provided by ALG, the poll found 15 percent of participants supported TPP, 22 percent opposed and 11 percent were undecided. About 51 percent said they did not have enough information to decide, according to the results released on March 10.

But both support and opposition to TPP grew after participants read the information, but disproportionately so. The opposition nearly doubled to 53 percent disapproval by those surveyed, while approval rose to 22 percent. The number of undecideds dropped to 25 percent, according to ALG.

The poll surveyed 1,950 people between Feb. 23 and March 3, and has a 2.8 percent margin of error. The information given to participants boiled down to one paragraph each for and against the TPP.

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