Position Statement
The Coalition for a Prosperous America fights for tax reform supporting the rebalancing trade, rebuilding domestic industrial supply chains, and penalizing offshoring production or profits to the detriments of domestic companies. 

Strategy Summary
Pro-American Tax Policies

• CPA advocates changing our current international corporate tax system to sales factor apportionment because domestic companies should not be undercut by foreign competitors who can profit shift overseas to reduce their tax liability despite directly competing in the American market.

• CPA supports shifting towards a revenue-neutral value added tax to improve the global trade competitiveness of US-based companies and workers. Value Added Taxes give a foreign trade advantage to other countries and the US should remove this advantage. 

• While our priority is to level the playing level the playing field between US companies and foreign competition, We also periodically support tax incentives that are effective to re-shore or re-build industries here, provided that those incentives spur investment that would not otherwise occur. 

Issue Experts

David Morse

Tax Policy Director

Bill Parks

Founder and President of NRST

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