Ann Lau

  • Until we recognize that the CCP must reign supreme, any engagement with China is fated to fail. Just take a look at the suppression of the labor protest at Jasic Technology especially the letter addressed to President Xi written by the Peking University Maoist student leader who stated that their support of the workers rights was based on the intent to “strengthen the beliefs of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, and firmly stand on the position of the great working class. We will resolutely safeguard China’s socialist and people’s democratic dictatorship. “
    There is no space for dissent even within the sphere of Maoism.

  • The interesting thing is that Air China which belongs to China mainland still lists Taiwan under “Country/Region” even though it uses “Taiwan, China”.
    To truly follow the directive, they should remove “Taiwan, China” in the “Country/Region” menu and put all Taiwan airports under the “China” pull down menu.
    Of course, Air China understood that if they remove Taiwan from the Country/Region pull down menu, people will assume they don’t fly to Taiwan.
    Let’s Air China be the first to do so.

Ann Lau
Ann Lau 35ep
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