Clinton takes credit for disastrous Korea trade deal in debate.

February 08, 2016


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a televised debate on Thursday (Feb. 4) hinted that, if elected, she would seek changes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). She did so by reiterating that she does not support the deal in its current form and noting that, as secretary of state under President Obama, she helped renegotiate the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement that was inherited from the previous administration.

[Daily News| February, 05 2016 | Inside US Trade]

“I did help to renegotiate the trade agreement that we inherited from President Bush with Korea,” Clinton said. “We got the [United Auto Workers union] on board because of changes we made. So there are changes [to the TPP] that I believe would make a real difference if they could be achieved, but I do not currently support it as it is written.”

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