Bill Jones- Penn United Tech

December 26, 2018


Bill Jones is the President of Penn United Technologies in Cabot, PA. Unfair trade policies have taken his company from 700 employees down to 500 at one point. Find out what happened and why he joined CPA to rebuild our manufacturing sector.

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  • Ben Leet
    Dan Alpert is a staff member of CPA. He published the book “The Age of Oversupply” and in chapter 14 summarizes the principals of fair international trade. Not only fair but sustainable development in non-developed countries. “A Global System that Works”. He calls for an “International Clearing Union” that would require a “continuous trueing up of large-trade imbalances among fully sovereign independent currency-issuing nations.” Just what that is he can explain to you. Mercantilism is a policy to export unemployment to deficit-trade balance nations, and the result we see in the hollowing out of the U.S. manufacturing sector. His solution requires a new conceptualization of trans-national trade. I enjoyed this short video. I just read the chapter by Alpert and was looking for where he was writing. He had been with the Century Foundation, now he is with Coalition for Prosperous America.