Bill Dunnell

  • What affects would the MAC have on US stock and bond markets?

  • China cheats and I am glad President Trump has finally done something about it. When a non politician has to come in and clean up the mess professional politicians have created it says alot about the fools we elect and how foolish we are for electing them. We need better news reporting, education in schools and tougher politicians who do whats best for the country and not just seeking votes and money while putting others first or allowing them an unfair advantage.

  • Wow! Thanks for this article. Good stuff.

  • Great article! Thanks for shining a light on this subject. I got to watch the Enron scandal unfold and in fact I purchased some nice office furniture for pennies on the dollar when Arthur Anderson had to downsize its Seattle office in the wake of Enron and Worldcom imploding. I vowed that this office furniture would never again be used for nefarious purposes! Keep up the good work! CPA provides valuable information that others do not or will not report.

  • Not to mention the fact that China plays hardball like stopping pig imports from some Canadian companies. If the Canadian gubment allows this then it proves they do not have the interest of Canadian workers at heart. The Christian Science Monitor quoted Wang Huing, a member of the CCP politburo who, when referring to the people of Hong Kong said that they are not yet advanced in thinking to really know their interests and that they needed a paternalistic unchallenged CCP to guide them. My bet is the CCP thinks this toward all nations and will apply this to Canada as well.

  • Great article! Thanks for the information.

  • The last comment it priceless! The WTO seems incapable of being able to evolve with a growing global economy. Has it become a vehicle for clinging to the past and protecting entrenched interests at the expense of innovation and the American working middle class?

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