November 14, 2015


On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Trump is committed to renegotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement with the 11 nations and then honoring the Constitution by getting two-thirds of the Senate to approve those bilateral agreements.

[Reposted from Breitbart  |  Tony Lee  |  November 11, 2015]

He added that Trump is the only candidate in the race who can cut good deals on behalf of the American people.

During Tuesday night’s debate, Trump said that TPP was “a horrible deal” that “is going to lead to nothing but trouble” and he would rather make “individual deals with individual countries.”

“This is one of the worst trade deals,” Trump said. “I would rather not have it.”

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that “the American government should go out and cut the best deal with individual countries so we can make sure we’re getting the best deal.”

When Bannon asked whether Trump would make bilateral deals and “use his force of will” to attempt to get two-thirds of the Senate to support it, he said, “absolutely.”

“We should be negotiating these deals one-on-one with every country. Why wouldn’t we want to do that? We negotiate from a position of strength not a position of weakness,” Lewandowski said.

Trump has been touting his business expertise and ability to cut great deals for America, and Lewandowski emphasized that Trump “is the only person in the race who has the ability to negotiate like that… where all these other guys will fail.”

Lewandowski noted that the TPP agreement allows “a whole series of countries” to attempt to “take advantage of the United States,” and because “it’s an up or down vote” (majority vote instead of two-thirds) because of Obama’s fast-track authority, the agreement cannot be negotiated with individual nations.

As Trump mentioned during the debate, Lewandowski also said that if TPP is approved, “this is a back door access to China to come and continue to eat our lunch every single day, and that’s why TPP should be stopped.” Lewandowski added that there are just not enough people, especially Republicans running for president, who agree with that because “they think [TPP is] the right thing… and they are fundamentally wrong.”

Lewandowski, as Trump said during last night’s debate, said that the businessman is “unequivocally” a free trader.

“I’m a free trader, but we need smart people making the deals, and we don’t have smart people making the deals,” Trump said at Tuesday’s debate.

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