CEOs from manufacturing, agriculture sectors urge Congress to bolster antidumping laws

February 21, 2017


A coalition of CEOs from U.S. industries particularly sensitive to foreign dumping is calling for increased enforcement of trade laws in order to restore the U.S. economy, and want Congress to make both statutory and practice changes to trade enforcement law.

[Daily News| February 17, 2017 |Inside US Trade]

The Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws held a Capitol Hill briefing for congressional staff and media on Feb. 16, where representatives from heavily affected sectors discussed the importance of keeping trade laws “strong and strictly enforced” and ways to take advantage of what they dubbed the Trump administration's “bolder” approach to trade.

CSUSTL is a coalition of U.S. companies, labor unions and trade associations committed to “preserving and enhancing U.S. laws against unfair trade” and supporting trade policies that are beneficial to the U.S. economy, according to its website.

The committee is putting together a package of proposals for Congress and the administration aimed at identifying gaps in trade enforcement laws. The package is expected to be presented in the “near future,” Tom Sneeringer, president of CSUSTL, said at the briefing.

“What we've done over the past year is identify loopholes in the law and identified where foreign trading partners are taking advantage. These proposals will attempt to tighten those up,” a source close to the group told Inside U.S. Trade.

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