Coalition Conversations , episode 1 January 29, 2021

Buy American - Consumer Impact of Buying American and Label Reading

Melissa Tallman sits down for a virtual chat with CEO of Liberty Tabletop, Greg Owens; and Founder of MadeinAmericaAgain.org, Jim Stuber. 

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Madeinamerica.com show https://www.madeinamerica.com/made-in-america-2021/  Kentucky international Convention Center Oct 1-3



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Favorite made in America products


The Fisher Space Pen www.spacepen.com

ThePureBag, LLC www.thepurebag.com

Lux LLC www.luxblox.com

BuyDirectUSA https://www.buydirectusa.com/shop-made-in-usa/food/


New Balance Shoes https://www.newbalance.com/made-in-the-usa/?ICID=LP_LP_MADE_10802_MW

HF Coors Dinnerware https://www.hfcoors.com/

Ben Shot glassware https://benshot.com/

Authentically American  https://www.authenticallyamericanbrand.us/

Thank you to our guest speakers of Liberty Tabletop & Made in America Again!

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Buy American

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