Commerce Department seeks consultation on Trump's 'American-made' pipeline request

March 17, 2017

The Department of Commerce wants public input on “the use of American-made materials” in any new and expanded U.S. pipelines as it assesses the domestic supply chain and other logistical issues related to the construction of pipe, according to a March 16 statement.

[Isabelle Hoagland| March 16, 2017 |Inside US Trade]

The request for public input is a response to Trump's Jan. 24 memorandum asking Commerce to create a “Construction of American Pipelines” plan to ensure the use of U.S.-produced material in all new and retrofitted pipelines. The plan must be submitted to the president by June 23, the memo states.

“President Trump has issued a clear call for American pipelines to be made with American steel, and it is critical that industry, including pipeline owners, operators, manufacturers, distributors, and their suppliers, provide guidance,” Commerce's press release states. Comments are due by April 7.

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  • William Ryan
    I feel that the memorandum should include many more things other than just steel pipes. Also why is it taking so long for the American big biz and too big to fail big gov. to do what is right for American workers and jobs. If they said that you could only hire Mexican or Chinese doctors or teachers then you would see a huge backlash of resistance like never seen before but it was ok to screw over the manufacturing workers for the past 20 years…