CPA's Issue Flyers

March 16, 2018

Members of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) visited more than 100 House and Senate offices in the nation’s capital this week to sound an alarm: America’s massive, growing trade deficit is killing jobs, harming communities, and stifling economic growth. In a two-day blitz, CPA members left their mark on Capitol hill, urging Members to support legislation that would eliminate the nation’s trade deficit, address an overvalued dollar, provide stronger trade enforcement, and tackle troubling trade issues with China. Below are the flyers used.

1. Top 10 Trade Deficit Countries

2. Eliminating Trade Deficit



5. Trade Enforcement

6. U.S. Funding China's Rise

7. Currency

8. Sales Factor Apportionment

9. About CPA 

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  • Michele Nash-Hoff
    This was my 6th year to participate in the CPA conference/fly-in, and it was the best one yet. I visited 15 Congressional offices in two and a half days, and everyone I met with seemed to realize that our increasing trade deficit is unsustainable. Our deficit with China jumped up from 38% to 47% in just one year ($337 billion to $375 billion). We had great interest in our proposals for a Sales Factor Tax apportionment and Market Access Charge for foreign investments. We conveyed the message that NAFTA needed to be “mended or ended.” We pointed out that the steel and aluminum tariffs are appropriate since we have already lost the majority of our major steel mills in the last 17 years. In answer to the question of whether this would cause a trade war, my response was that we have been in a trade war with China since they became part of the WTO, and they are winning.