CPA Launches New Trade Database

March 28, 2019

Interactive website feature provides instant access to latest US economic data

Washington. Good news for reporters, bloggers, and analysts that struggle to find the latest numbers on America’s trade deficits and international trade flows.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) has launched a new Trade Database that quickly and readily presents key data for anyone seeking information on America’s trading relationships with China, Japan, the EU, and other countries.

Rather than search through endless federal sites, users can access interactive charts and graphs that offer easy access to the latest information on:

US Monthly Trade Data. A look at the latest monthly data for US trade balances, exports, and imports.

US Annual Trade Balance. America’s trade balance history, including key sub-sectors.

US Bilateral Trade. America’s trade with other nations, including major surpluses and deficits.

US Advanced Technology. Trade in Advanced Technology products and key sub-sectors.

Global Imbalances. Current account balances (as a percent of GDP) for the US and other major nations.

Exchange Rates. The latest exchange rates for the US dollar and other major currencies.

CPA’s Trade Database presents all of this information in a readily accessible format. All of the data has been pulled from official US government agencies and international organizations, including the Commerce Department, Federal Reserve, and International Monetary Fund.

As CPA Senior Economist Jeff Ferry explained, “Each month, the federal government issues many highly detailed reports on trade, financial flows, and other economic variables. Some of that data is published online, some in news releases, and some in spreadsheets. We’ve collected the most meaningful and significant of these economic indicators and incorporated them into simple, easy-to-read highlights of important trends and developments in America’s international trade position. We believe it’s important to make this information readily accessible because international trade plays a crucial role in the health and development of the US economy.”

CPA’s Trade Database will be updated on a continuing basis.

Click here to learn more.

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