CPA Quoted in Time Magazine this Week

July 07, 2014

CPA was quoted in the current edition of Time magazine.  The article “Coalition of the Unwilling” focused upon surprise victory of David Brat over Eric Cantor and expanded to explore the commonalities between the left and the right on certain important issues of the day.

What Brat’s victory really highlights is a quirk in our politics that is bringing the far right and far left into a series of unexpected alignments….

To be sure, the philosophical underpinnings of [David] Brat and [Elizabeth] Warren are vastly different. Populists on the left are against measures like fast-track authority for President Obama–which would allow him to bypass Congress when negotiating trade deals–on policy grounds. They believe that such deals in the past sped the offshoring of America’s industrial base, which ultimately erodes our economic competitiveness. Some on both sides of the aisle argue that trade agreements that used to be about tariffs and quotas increasingly focus on domestic issues such as taxes, financial-services regulation, patents and food- and product-safety rules. Says Michael Stumo, who runs the Coalition for a Prosperous America, an advocacy group that represents agriculture and manufacturing businesses across the U.S.: “Modern trade deals are more about globalizing domestic policy and offshoring our jobs, our industries and our governance.”

On the right, members of the Tea Party are skeptical of free-trade deals because they see them as threats to national sovereignty. As Representatives Michele Bachmann and Walter Jones and a number of other conservatives in Congress put it to President Obama in a letter opposing fast track, “For 200 years of our nation’s history, Congress has led our nation’s trade policy,” and conservatives aren’t interested in giving up that privilege.

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