CPA Statement: Commerce Dept Finds China Dumping Cast Iron Pipe

February 14, 2018

Washington ~ The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) applauded a Commerce Department decision today finding that companies in China are dumping cast iron soil pipe fittings in the US market.

The Department stated, in its fact sheet:

Commerce calculated a preliminary dumping rate of 68.37 percent for mandatory respondent Shanxi Xuanshi Industrial Group Co., Ltd., a preliminary dumping rate of 78.86 percent for mandatory respondent Wor-Biz Trading Co., Ltd.(Anhui), and a preliminary dumping rate of 109.95 percent for mandatory respondent Sibo International Limited. Commerce determined a preliminary dumping rate of 88.47 percent for all other exporters of cast iron soil pipe fittings from China that Commerce found to be eligible for a separate rate. Commerce has preliminarily assigned to the China-wide entity a dumping margin of 109.95 percent, which is the highest calculated margin and the highest margin on the record of the proceeding, based on adverse facts available.

Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA, stated, "CPA appreciates the efforts of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and his team to increase enforcement of US trade laws to counter foreign cheating. The remedy is important for the affected US industries and workers. More enforcement will deter future misconduct. The Customs and Border Protection agency needs to continue improving its collection of duties."

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