CPA Supports Biden Decision to Keep Aluminum Tariffs

February 02, 2021

New president will continue tariffs on UAE aluminum imports

Washington. The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) today praised President Biden’s decision to continue tariffs on aluminum imports from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The tariffs were previously set to expire on February 3, but the president has now revoked that order.

“We applaud the continuation of these tariffs,” said CPA Chair Zach Mottl. “Left unchecked, the UAE’s state-subsidized aluminum producers could ship artificially underpriced aluminum into the U.S. market. Manufacturing workers throughout the nation appreciate President Biden’s decision.”

The Trump administration imposed Section 232 tariffs on global aluminum imports in 2018. However, in the final days of his term, President Trump chose to specifically end tariffs on aluminum from the UAE. His decision ordered a February 3 end-date for the UAE tariffs. 

Now, though, President Biden has opted to continue the tariffs, stating: “…the available evidence indicates that imports from the UAE may still displace domestic production, and thereby threaten to impair our national security.”

CPA strongly supports the continuing enforcement of Section 232 tariffs. Said Michael Stumo, CEO of the CPA, “Our national security is compromised due to deindustrialization and job losses. The US can no longer be the importer of last resort for global oversupply. We commend President Biden for acting in support of an industry that is threatened by unfair trade. We look forward to working with the new administration to continue the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, including efforts to boost Buy American policies in federal procurement.”

Read Michael Stumo’s recent op-ed on the benefits of Buy American policy for infrastructure investment.

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