Cramer: Trump should go forward with Dec. 15 tariffs

December 10, 2019

Editor’s note: Jim Cramer of Mad Money says the president should just walk away from the China talks and raise the tariffs as planned on December 15. Which is exactly what should be done.

The strong November jobs report shows Trump has more flexibility in trade negotiations with China, CNBC's Jim Cramer says. And because of that, the "Mad Money" host argues Trump should proceed as planned with the Dec. 15 tariffs.

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  • Bruce Bishop
    I believe that the tariffs are “too little, too late,” but better than nothing. China will continue to absorb the tariffs while they wait for Trump to go away. When Trump is gone, it will be back to business as usual, and China will continue to destroy our economy. This is well documented in Peter Navarro’s book, “Death by China.” (Video on YouTube.)

    I am grateful to Trump for keeping his campaign promise to “Make China Play Fair.” The tariffs are a huge change in our policy toward China. It has become obvious to most thinking people that the globalists were wrong. But, of course, the globalists will pay no penalty for being wrong, It’s the 8 million of us whose careers were destroyed by cheap Chinese imports who continue to suffer.

    It took 30 years for this to happen. Trump will not be able to reverse it in eight years, even with the harshest tariffs. I would suggest that he consider Warren Buffett’s plan for balancing trade by MANDATING a 20% reduction in the Chinese trade deficit each year for five years, until the deficit is zero. This will allow the free market to decide which industries to bring back first and allow time for the rebuilding of our manufacturing infrastructure. https://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2003/11/10/352872/index.htm

    The Buffett article was republished by Fortune in 2016, but drew little attention.

    China has a 25 year plan to control the world, both economically, and militarily. Trump is merely a speed bump on that road. Unless he does something that’s irreversible, our grandkids will all be speaking Mandarin by 2050. Our greedy, incompetent government also has a “long range plan” — it’s to win the next election. Tell me I’m wrong. bbishop725@aol.com