Tell Congress to Support the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act

The US trade deficit has been climbing for 40 years, harming American workers, businesses, farmers and ranchers. It is time to fix the problem. A major cause is that foreign governments and investors drive the dollar too high, “weaponizing” the dollar against us. (Learn more here).

The Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act provides the US government with the exchange rate management policy and tools it has long needed to push the dollar to a competitive price. The Act would task the Federal Reserve with maintaining a net-zero current account balance, and it provides tools to achieve that goal. The bill is needed to effectively manage the economy and to protect manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and workers from both the private capital inflows and overseas currency manipulation that drive up the US dollar and make American goods and services less competitive in foreign and US markets. 

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We support legislation to achieve a competitive dollar and to balance US trade. We urge Congress to support the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act.

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