Dan DiMicco: More Distorted Thinking on Trade

January 09, 2015


More wrong-headed rhetoric on trade deals to nowhere!

[From the blog of Dan DiMicco  |  Dan DiMicoo  |  January 8, 2015]

Every past deal has been a failure as we are terrible negotiators and even worse enforcers of the penalties for cheating and circumvention by the other signers. They use non-tariff barriers to replace their tariffs and we always fail to hold them accountable or make adjustments.  The agreements turn into one way NET benefits for everyone but us. Don't believe me,....look at our trade deficit in goods and now in services. It now totals in the "TRILLIONS" (close to $8 Trillion)over the last 2 decades! Fact not 'Kool-Aid' rhetoric by people who are either ignorant by a lack of knowledge or ignorant by convenience

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