economic_research.pngPictured above: Jeff Ferry, Chief Economist & Steven Byers, Senior Economist

Research by CPA staff takes a deeper look at these issues

Sometimes it is hard to know who to believe. As CPA works for effective trade and economic policies and educates lawmakers, we sort through the conflicting economic data and reports surrounding the U.S. trade issue.

National trade policies are too often being influenced by inaccurate and incomplete understanding of the relationship between trade, jobs and growth. CPA focuses upon clarifying the baseline of accurate information on our Research Page and through publishing articles and infographics for multiple audiences including the media, policymakers and the general public.

Our economics team was nationally recognized with a NABE award in 2019, for their research on showing that a permanent tariff on China would benefit the US economy. This paper sparks a useful dialogue among business economists about the efficacy of alternative trade policies to address the nation’s economic challenges.