Following the G20: Trade as a (re)work in progress

July 11, 2017

Call it international trade’s (re)work in progress, following the G20 meeting, which produced:

[Daily News| July 11, 2017 |Inside US Trade]

  • A united front on overcapacity issues, with an emphasis on steel – and some target deadlines for OECD recommendations on “concrete policy solutions that reduce steel excess capacity.”
  • A flurry of comments from President Trump, advancing his push for a NAFTA redo and his preference for bilaterals, and renewing attacks on current arrangements.
  • Pointed and accelerating comments from European leaders about prospects for future trade dealings with the U.S.
  • A tepid official endorsement of the World Trade Organization, to the disappointment of some, which stops short of previous G20 references to the WTO as the multilateral trading system.

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