Forbes: "'Fast Track' To Nowhere: Congress Shouldn't Give Obama Power To Ram Through TPP"

December 16, 2014


Here is a great Forbes op-ed piece written by CPA board member, Dan DiMicco, Chairman Emeritus of Nucor.

[Dan DiMicco | December 16, 2014 | Forbes.com]

If the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade and global governance agreement has any chance at passage, it will require the usual alliance of Wall Street Democrats and Wall Street Republicans. Disgruntled citizens voted to “throw the bums out” because they were not delivering jobs and prosperity. Yet there is a danger that President Obama and the Republican leadership did not get the message.

The Obama administration may soon be enabled by some in the GOP to pass the globalists’ biggest wish: “fast-track” trade authority on the road to the massively misguided Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Read the complete op-ed here.

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